The importance of digital marketing

In today’s world of online business, people use all kinds of digital mediums for their day to day needs, people spend most of the time on many types of social media platforms. here, digital marketing plays an important role, for marketing products or (services at the right time for the right people) of your online business. hence, the experience of your business online with digital marketing very effective than traditional marketing where there is no opportunity to communicate with your consumers as Digital marketing do.

My story of digital marketing

let me share with you my digital marketing story which is very interesting as I have never thought I could return to the digital marketing era ones again, its all begun in past 2014 where I had an opportunity to work with digital marketing team for the six-month duration in an aircraft technical publication firm in Bangalore. I discovered something very amazing in my ability to grasp creative skills, after that project I continued with my aeronautics filed furthermore and till 2019 I worked in the aviation industry. but in July 2019 I have decided to join WMA(webmarketingacademy), Bangalore to get certified in digital marketing management course. and here I am writing this story to tell you if you have passion nothing can stop you.

Here, I am quoting some of the articles about the importance of digital marketing for any business in the year 2019

Why is Digital Marketing so Important for Business in 2019

By now, you no doubt understand that digital marketing, in its various forms, should be a key part of any modern business approach. I mean, you probably wouldn’t be on this site right now if you didn’t.

But are you aware of the various ways in which digital marketing can benefit your company, and how consumers now rely on social media, SEO and other tools to make their product discoveries and purchase decisions?

Digital will contribute 29% of the ad market size by 2021. . The Indian ad industry stands at ₹ 61,878 crore and is expected to touch ₹ 85,250 crore by 2021 growing at a CAGR of 10.62%

A Dentsu Aegis Network report says the surge in digital ad spends will be led by three main factors including voice-based search technology, vernacular as well as video content

New Delhi: The digital advertising industry is estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 31.96% to reach  24,920 crore by 2021 , on the back of affordable data and increased content consumption, said a report from Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN).

The outcome of Digital India is to produce Wi-Fi locations for people, creating job, universal phone connection, High speed internet, Digital Inclusion, e-Services, e-Governance, Digitally motivated people, National Scholarships Portal, DigitalLockers System, e-education and e-health making India to be pioneer in IT …

The above-mentioned articles prove that digital marketing is booming rapidly to the new heights in the online world.
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